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Under the influence of technology, the education industry is bound to have earth-shaking changes. The subject is no longer single, and talents are gradually turning into compound talents.

Future Learning

Inevitable trend

The delivery of a single subject has been difficult to meet the requirements of students‘ diversified development.

Policy reform

Educational departments encourage teachers to learn interdisciplinary professional knowledge.

Research deepening

In the current professional field, the research results are more and more biased towards mathematical derivation.

Auxiliary tools

Processing batches of big data and establishing scientific research models require good programming knowledge.

Future Career Coaching

Talent internationalization

Before COVID-19, the number of Chinese students studying abroad reached approximately 660k, of which more than 40% went to the US. After the outbreak of COVID-19, more students have gone to Europe and Southeast Asia.

Stable demand

The global demand for international talents will not change. Two major trends will not change in the future: First, economic globalization; second, the shift of the world economic center from west to east;

Lack of talent

Global market is mainly lacking the following four types of international talents:

Compound talents; Small-language talents; Talents in international organizations; Think-tank talents.

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