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  • AI-generated research and market report s (General & Customised)

  • Talent & Corporate Profile, trending and mapping

  • Data access, talent tracking, usage & analytics, cross border exchange

  • Subscription & membership

  • Talent or corporate’s career and skills’ mapping

  • Talent planning, trending and training for transformation;;

  • Psychometric assessments

  • Mid-career workforce retraining

  • Leadership and Executive Coaching

  • Job requisition and individual profile mapping

  • Corporate talent mapping

  • Regional talent placement

  • Regional HR market analysis

  • Skills gap analysis before placement

  • Govt/Corporate HR planning

  • Premium talent training or retraining advisory

  • MICE advisory

  • Corporate transformation, Internalisation, technology transfer

  • Sg syllabus and international schools

  • Entrepreneurial & technopreneur leaders

  • Global Business leaders

  • Governments

  • Global Youth Leaders

  • Global Industry and IHLs

  • Educational Experts


The Netxus intelligence solution is powered by Big Data and AI to decode inter-dependent relationships among industries, careers, skills and to generate insights across the entire value chain.


The intelligence package consists of LMI & skills research, proprietary skills ontology, and dynamic skills framework. External and internal data are being collected through data mining in which the proprietary algorithm will then analyze and map skills taxonomies of high-demand and emerging jobs with the relevant skillsets. We apply real-time insights into skills and training requirements to unlock competitive advantages to prepare individuals for the future of work.


Mapping curriculums to skills demand and dynamically pushing the right training content to individuals using Big Data and AI by reskilling and upskilling pathways for job seekers and employees.


Our training partners work alongside us to decode market trends and predict skills demand to develop and align curriculums for individuals. Relevant training programs will be linked to job roles based on skills framework and skills ontology, and mapped courses are then curated and aggregated to provide personalized training suggestions.


Combining both skills ontology and machine learning, we then suggest appropriate courses based on skills profiling where skills are articulated through education, work experience, assessments, and skills inference.

Netxus aims to generate potential career options and transition pathways based on an individual’s skills profile, thus performing skills-gap analysis and suggesting courses to help individuals attain their career goals.


AI algorithm is designed to place the right individuals at the right organizations.  Individuals are required to go through psychometric and skills profiling to assess if they are culturally fit and equipped with the right skills at an organization. Similarly, employers will perform a job requisition mapping to identify the ideal candidate with the right criteria through a Placement Algorithm Outcome.


Advisory services leverage on AI tech to inform corporate strategy with a comprehensive integrated view of the talent ecosystem.


The Netxus advisory engine is made up of three pillars - talent planning, talent acquisition, and talent reskilling.


Talent planning:

  1. Mapping relevant skills to understand talent supply and demand to anticipate evolving workforce trends.

  2. Includes insights on global talent hotspots, ecosystem collaborators, and skills architecture.

  3. Industries to undergo peer benchmarking for talent strategies based on a global footprint and labor force.


Talent acquisition:

  1. Acquiring a diverse & skilled workforce with data-backed insights & reducing the time to fill a vacant position.

  2. Identifying profiles equipped with adjacent skills and/or roles to bypass talent shortage.

  3. Encompassing a full-stack perspective on individual profiles across multiple indicators and parameters.


Talent reskilling:

  1. Address skill gaps, elevate workforce capabilities, and prepare for the future of work.

  2. Identify skills, tools, and certifications required for next-generational roles.

  3. Learning pathways optimised for time & resources to bridge skill gaps efficiently.


Regional network with symbiotic partnerships from governments, Institutes of Higher Learnings, corporates and SMEs, investors, business leader and entrepreneurs, professionals, youths, academia

Our network engine consists of symbiotic partnerships from a diverse range of clientele from all across Asia. Government bodies, corporates, SMEs, startups, professionals, researchers, students, teachers, content creators are all part of Netxus Global Ecosystem with Singapore as the gateway for cross border exchange and opportunities in Data Sharing, Skils Training, Talent Deployment, Entrepreneurship and Networking.

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