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Empowering Futures: WiseNet Asia, Netxus Global and NUS collaborate for Recruitment Event Linking NUS students with Chongqing's Finest Opportunities

Singapore, 1 Dec 2023 – WiseNet Asia has joined forces with Netxus Global and the National University of Singapore (NUS) to orchestrate an exclusive recruitment event tailored for NUS students. This initiative aims to connect interested students with distinguished recruiters and company representatives from Chongqing, China. 

The event delves into crucial topics related to policies for foreign talents, providing updates on the China Foreign Talents Attraction Program. This includes a comprehensive exploration of the opportunities and challenges inherent in navigating the professional landscape of the region. 

Going beyond the typical career fair, this event acts as a conduit for students to explore job prospects that transcend geographical boundaries. Meticulously selected job opportunities, chosen for their potential to offer global work exposure, act as catalysts propelling students toward a future enriched by diverse experiences and perspectives. 

In essence, this collaboration between WiseNet Asia, Netxus Global, and NUS transcends the conventional boundaries of a recruitment event. It evolves into a transformative experience, empowering students to envision a future where their professional endeavors are not confined by borders. The symbiotic exchange of ideas, information, and opportunities serves as a testament to the power of global partnerships in shaping the trajectory of aspiring talents. 

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Regine Chin

GM, Marketing


EA Registration No: R1213253

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