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Doctor and Patient


Smart Medical Care

12.9 million

YR 2021 Chinese medical staff gap

> 90 billion

YR 2020 Chinese Internet medical scale

129 million

YR 2035 Global medical staff gap

Smart medical care is patient-centric, starting from clinical needs, applying technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence to medical scenarios to improve the efficiency and quality of medical services in an all-round way.


Under the influence of the new crown epidemic, smart medical care is gradually extending from inside the hospital to outside the hospital.


In the new digital architecture of the hospital, the upgrading of the hospital management system and the incubation of the virtual platform is an inevitable trend.

Smart Medical Rating Standards

2019 smart rating results in the Chinese market:

3396 hospitals

441 hospitals

419 hospitals

241 hospitals

173 hospitals

47 hospitals

0 hospitals








No system,

manual processing

Isolated system

Information sharing within the department

Cross-departmental information sharing

Management data warehouse establishment

Collaborative management inside and outside the hospital

AI Application

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