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Netxus Global is an artificial intelligence global business platform.  Headquartered in Singapore, Netxus empowers global political, businesses and academics through Intelligent Analysis and Network Distribution Technology.  Through artificial intelligence technology, machine analysis and big data, we are able to provide accurate future intelligent skills training, international network contacts and facilitate the deployment of global intelligent talents. 

Netxus Global empowers enterprises and individuals, boosting future careers and business by leaps and bounds, building an international industrial chain and ecosystem, and promoting international business cooperation.  Our intelligence platform predicts future trends, build international platforms, and also prepare skilled talents for transformation of enterprises.

Netxus Global has broad international network.  Its business coverage includes many provinces and cities in China, many Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, etc., South Asian countries including India and the Middle East market.  Our partners have also expanded to local governments, think tanks, enterprises, SMEs, colleges and universities, business associations, start-ups, investment angels, professionals, principals, teachers and youth.

Netxus Global 是一个人工智能国际商务平台,利用人工智能技术、机器分析和大数据,赋能全球政商学产业的未来发展,通过未来的智能技能培训、国际网络人脉和全球智能人才部署,赋能政府、企业和个人,规划国际市场与网络发展策略,打造国际产业链与生态圈,推进国际商务合作。



Netxus Global拥有深广的国际网络,业务发展已覆盖中国多个省市、东南亚多个国家如马来西亚、印尼、菲律宾、泰国等,南亚国家包括印度与中东市场, 合作伙伴也扩至各地政府、智库、企业、中小企业、大专院校、商协会、初创企业、投资天使、专业人士、校长教师以及青年。

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